bpcs - release v.1.0.1

Wed, Dec 16, 2020 One-minute read

This is a minor release to streamline the usage of the bpcs package, correct a few bugs and add publication-ready functions for tables and figures

See below the release notes:

  • removed ties_pred from models that do not have ties
  • fixed predict for models with ties, so we return a vector y_pred with 0, 1, 2 and not separate as now
  • removed posterior distributions from the get_rank_of_players and get_probabilities. Now we have new functions to obtain the data frame or the posterior distributions separately. The posterior is now returned as matrix
  • Probabilities table is now optional in the summary function
  • New functions to get the probabilities for specific data get_probabilities_newdata_df and get_probabilities_newdata_posterior
  • Publication ready functions for
    • plots: get_parameters_plot function and a thin S3 plot wrapper for the same function. Plots are default to APA.
    • tables: Functions for publication tables: get_parameter_table, get_probabilities_table and get_rank_of_players_table
  • get_hpdi_parameters became get_parameters and the user specify if credible intervals or hpdi
  • Added ties to expand_aggregated_data.
  • We can get now both credible and HPD intervals in get_parameters. n_eff and Rhat are also now possible to add and remove from this df
  • Added functions to save and load bpc models

To get the latest version of the bpcs package, install it from Github: