The GYSS started this week

Tue, Jan 12, 2021 One-minute read

The Global Youth Scientists Summit (GYSS) conference started this week. The GYSS is a gathering of PhD students and post-docs of al over the world to discuss and hear from top scientists and leaders. This year it has 21 speakers that won the Nobel prize, the Fields medal or the Turing award.

I had the privelige of being select as one of the 5 PhD/post docs from Chalmers to participate and I will be having a small-session of question and answers discussion with Sir Timothy Gowers (Fields medal 98).

Some plenary keynotes that I will be listening are:

  • “Biomedical Ethics - The Corona Pandemic and Beyond” Prof. Aaron Ciechanover (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2004)
  • “Ramsey Theory” Sir Timothy Gowers (Fields Medal 1998)
  • “Why is it so hard to make self-driving cars?” Prof. Joseph Sifakis (Turing Award 2017)
  • “Optimal transport: from nature to machine learning” Prof. Alessio Figalli (Fields medal 2018)