SE Seminar 2021 - “Bayesian Bradley-Terry models: from primates to machine learning”

Fri, Jan 29, 2021 One-minute read

This Feb 5th, I will present some of my research around Bradley-Terry models in the SE Seminar at Chalmers.

My goal is to show a the generality of the Bayesian BT model and that it can be used for both behavior research as well as software engineering.

Bayesian Bradley-Terry models: from primates to machine learning

This presentation has a little something for everyone: it has SE, ML, Bayesian statistics, survey, R, math, gorillas using technology and football. We will start discussing paired-comparison data with food preferences in gorillas using touchscreen displays. From there we will move to an introduction of the Bradley-Terry model and why you should care about it in SE. We discuss two SE applications: surveys and benchmark experiments. For benchmark experiments we discuss how to rank automated labeling techniques with the Bradley-Terry model with random effects. Finally, we conclude this presentation showing an application of the Davidson model with data from the Brazilian national football league. Of course everything is Bayesian and done in R with the bpcs package (that we created). We make all code available in a R notebook.

A reproducible notebook for this presentation can be found at:

The pdf version of this presentation can be found at: